Exploring the Structure of Street Lamp Housing

2023-10-17 183

Lamp: The main part of the street lamp housing, usually made of metal, plastic, or glass materials, with internal components such as light sources and circuits.

Wire: used to connect lighting fixtures and power sources for transmitting electrical energy.

Light source: The component that emits light, usually of different types such as LED, light bulb, light source board, etc.


Lamp pole: A vertical pole that supports a lamp, usually made of metal material and can be adjusted in height as needed.

Lamp arm: A horizontal rod that connects a lamp pole and a lamp, with the effect of adjusting the lighting direction and scale.

Flange: The component that connects the lamp arm and lamp pole, which has strength and stability, ensuring the overall structure of the street lamp is sturdy and reliable.

Foundation embedded parts: Buried underground, used to fix the foundation of light poles and lamps, can be made of concrete, steel, or other materials.

Article source: Jiangmen Street Lamp Shell Manufacturer Www.wuyangzhaoming.com