Jiangmen Wuyang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2020. located in Jianghai District Henghai South Industrial Zone, Jiangmen City. Wuyang Lighting is a die-casting manufacturer focusing on the production of outdoor lighting kit shell, apple shell R&D, production and sales as one. The company now has an independent plant of 25,000 square meters. with a professional leading independent R&D management elite team of more than dozens of people. the company continues to introduce advanced high-end production equipment. improve production efficiency and product quality stability so that products have more reliable quality assurance capabilities. Wuyang Lighting adheres to the principle of one-stop service, adheres to the concept of cost-effective and unique product design, and seizes the die-casting market with the advantages of thin raw materials and high-quality products. We have been deeply cultivating the apple shell for more than a few years, pay attention to customer needs, pursue customer satisfaction and win customer reputation with good service. In the future, we will increase our marketing efforts, to create lighting products with core technology, Technology changes life, Wu Yang leads the future.


Factory address: Jiangmen Jianghai District Henghai Industrial Zone Wuyang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd