Understand the key points of purchasing street lamp housing

2023-10-17 187

Appearance design: The appearance of the product should have basic aesthetic principles, and the combination of shape, color, and size should meet the aesthetic needs of the public.

Raw material selection: The selection of materials needs to consider the satisfactory function of the lamp, followed by the difficulty of production and economic factors. Metal raw materials have more advantages compared to various plastics, such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, etc. Among them, stainless steel lamp bodies can provide better corrosion resistance and environmental weather resistance, and can be used as outdoor product shells. Copper can provide better surface texture and feel, and can be used as decorative lamp shells. Aluminum shells have good processing ability and heat dissipation function, and can be used as general lighting product shells.


Reliability: A good street lamp housing should have characteristics such as high reliability and not easily damaged. Together, its sealing function should be good to prevent moisture, dust, etc. from entering the interior of the lamp, affecting the lighting effect and lamp lifespan.

Protection: The street lamp shell should comply with relevant specifications and have functions such as lightning protection and electric shock prevention to ensure normal operation.

Energy consumption: With the continuous improvement of energy-saving awareness, the energy consumption of street lamps has become one of the important factors to consider when purchasing. Choosing a low energy consumption and high brightness LED street lamp housing can greatly reduce energy consumption and improve economic efficiency.

Maintenance convenience: When choosing a street lamp housing, it is also important to consider its maintenance convenience. Generally speaking, street lamp housings that are easy to disassemble, clean, and repair are more popular.

Article source: Jiangmen Street Lamp Shell Manufacturer Www.wuyangzhaoming.com